Next 2 Blow: KYLE

I found Kyle on Pandora about a week before I saw him open for Watsky on the “All You Can Do” tour in Vancouver, B.C. and then again in Seattle.  The track I heard was “Bang” ft. Mr. Man, and it immediately struck me as a song I’d normally hate.  But it was catchy as fuck and I loved it.  Turns out, that’s a pretty unusual Kyle track (although “It’s Lit” ft. IAMSU! has its moments), but his entire body of work is extraordinary.  This includes the hard to find stuff from when he was still K.I.D.

His hooks bump.  His verses are smart, but not preachy, and his flow is as unique as his view on the world.  To top it all off, he has a ridiculous live charisma.  So without further adieu, here’s my proof that Kyle is indeed, Next2Blow.

1. He shows up bigger rappers like it ain’t no thang.  For example, on “Wanna Be Cool” where he blows Big Sean out of the water.  Honestly, his verse is better than Chance the Rapper’s too.

2. He’s on a track with Big Sean and Chance the Rapper (See above).  Everybody important is listening now.

3. He’s crazy young.  I imagine he wrote “Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron” when he couldn’t legally consume one of the two, and the other was still being packed in a lunchbox for him.  He’s starting to blow up now, and he’s got decades on decades to do something about it.  The world is literally his oyster.

4. Beautiful Loser, his freshman release, is a front-to-back masterpiece.  For reference, see: “Sex and Super Smash Bros”, “Keep it Real”, “This is a Hit”, “When Can We”, “BANG”, “Love 4 You”, “View From Hollywood”… Oh wait ya, just listen to the whole thing.

5. Watching Kyle and DJ Brick do their thing live is unlike any hip-hop show you’ve seen.  They do these incredible corny-ographed dance moves that destroy every crowd I’ve seen them perform for.  Also Kyle loves to crowd surf and will do it multiple times per show.  Usually he also boogie-boards or literally surfs on the crowd.  So awesome.

6. He sings, and he’s good.  His melodies are gold, and everything he does is easy to dance to.  This makes it easy to compare him to Drake.  Don’t do that.  Only realize how valuable of an asset he is to any track that needs a banger hook.  Oh wait, that’s every track ever.

So go buy Beautiful Loser.  Then listen to “Just a Picture” ft. Kehlani, “Wanna Be Cool” from the new Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment album, “Get Lit”, “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love”, “Last Night” with G-Eazy, “Silver Platter”, “Pickle”, and of course “Hey Now” with Martin Solveig & The Cataracs.  You’ll be glad you did.